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Penny puts up a layup while Anthony Mason can only watch
Penny puts up a layup while Anthony Mason can only watch

"WHAT THE!!!" NBA photo of the Week

Jacque Vaughn scores on a defenseless ballboy
Jacque Vaughn scores on a defenseless ballboy

12/1/01 4:52 PM Eastern

Aight! As you probably saw, my Flash Movie was posted up! Go to the Form Mail Page to e-mail me and tell me what you think. I wanna thank my girlfriend Sim1 for evaluating the movie first. I'd also like to thank her for her patients while I was working on the Flash. Another thing I did was add a "Start/Stop" button for the music near the "Rising Sun: Penny 4 MVP" logo. Yeah, go ahead click it! It actually works! Took me about 4 hours to do, but hey, It's all good! I just wanted to let everyone know that I got mad images/movies uploaded, I just haven't had the time to post them up. I'll do that as soon as I can.
The Suns Take on the Blazers tonight and are only 3 games back of the Second place Kings in the Pacific Division! I'm looking forward to the Derek Anderson and Penny matchup. That should be interesting. Well aight, I'm probably gunna go play some ball tonight for the first time in like 2 months. I'm gunna be mad rusty but it's all good. Peace out everyone!

11/30/01 2:16 PM Eastern

Wud up all! Penny and the Suns are at 9-7! Check out My Daily Thoughts section for more on that and some updates. More site updates include a flash movie I've been working on in the last 2 weeks! Here's a preview of things to come. It should be up soon. Dayam! gotta pick up my girlfriend from school! I'm gunna be late! gotta go, peace.

11/16/01 11:27 PM Eastern

The Suns are on their way to a victory against the 7-0.... actually it's a final now. Suns are victorious against the 7-1 Lakers. Penny had 20 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds and 4 steals! He shot 7-14, 50% which is near his season average. Great game by the Suns, winning 95-83. They came out sharp in the second half outscoring the Lakers 32-21. Shaq and Kobe had 28 and 18 respectively. Hey Dom, if you're reading this, I TOLD YOU SO. More in depth analyst of this game when I get ungrounded!

11/6/01 1:33 PM Eastern

Wud up everyone! Just got home from school and some dumb b!tch took my cell phone from me. I took it out just to make a call to work since I knew I was leaving campus, but she saw me and took it. If I don't pick up my phone Sim1 you know what happened.
Okay, anywayz, at school today I was thinking of some ways on how I could improve the site and I was thinking about how hard it is to update. Then I was wondering how the people with old Penny sites updated. You guys with them old Penny sites really inspired me. So if the owners of a few sites like "Maximum Penny" ( which is now some kinda porn site), "Prime Time Penny" (, "Penny Hardaway Central" (, "Penny Online" ( and "Penny's Pram" ( could send me an e-mail or anything, I'd appreciate it. I just wanna thank you guys for the hard work and determination you put in to your sites, even if you don't like Penny no more.
The Suns are 1-3 and looking to get a win tonight versus Memphis. Look for Penny to have a field day on Michael Dickerson and company. In 3 games, Memphis is allowing more than 98 points a game. Dickerson and Nick Anderson will probably be sharing defensive duties on Penny and I honestly think this matchup favors Penny. Look for a big game from #1. For the Suns to win this game, they're going to have to play a good defensive game to slow down the high octane offensive players of Memphis such as Jason Williams, Lorenzen Wright and Stromile Swift. If the Suns are heavily outrebounded, don't expect them to win. Memphis has a team that can get out on the break. The Suns need to figure out a way to crash the boards and not allow Wright who's averaging 17 rebounds a game to get in the flow. Matrix, Big Jake Tsakalidis and Lil Jake Voskuhl are gunna need to box out. If everything goes well, Phoenix will win. My prediction? 109-97 Suns

11/5/01 2:22 PM Eastern

Okay, It's been a month since I updated. I've been kinda grounded recently so the site hasn't been upgraded. As we speak, I'm upgrading the site with news and notes on the surprising 1-3 start by the Suns. I can't believe how the Suns dropped the Rockets game 103-100. Penny put up a great effort, but the lost negatted the effort. Penny scored 31 points but all he wants is the win. Commenting on his 31 point performance, he said, "It's sad because I want a W (win) more than anything. I'm trying to lay it out on the line every night. If I have 50 and we lost it, it really doesn't make a difference. I want to win so bad. We are 1-3 now. You never want to be in that position especially losing the first game at home. You lose your first two at home, that's tough. It's hard to get up the morning after that, but you have to bounce back and keep coming hard." For more notes, Penny and Marbury are averaging 42 of Phoenix's 99 points through 4 games. On some site news, I updated the main page of course as you can see now. I also updated the E-mail page where you can rate my site, and give me some feedback. You can ask me anything and I'll do my best to get back to you. I'm also looking to make a opening flash movie. It's gunna be tight!

10/4/01 1:15 PM Eastern

Ok, Training camp for many of the NBA teams is underway! Penny attended the first day of training camp and it appears that he has tendinitis in his left knee. He's going to Toronto today for some kind of treatment on his knee. Sonorex treatment is only available in Canada right now, and the treatment is used to speed up healing. Penny says this is not anything serious, and he will be ready for the first preseason game against Houston. I hope he's ready to run by then because Houston has one of the quickest backcourts in the league in Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley. What am I saying, it's only a preseason game! I guess I'm pretty excited about the start of the season. Tickets for games go on sale October 6, and me being in the Orlando area, I will get tickets to the Suns vs. Magic game in March I believe. How bout the matchup of Marbury, Penny and Marion VS Hill, Mcgrady and Star-in-the-making, Mike Miller? Suns gunna tear them apart! Hmm... I think I'm gunna be the only one in the TD Waterhouse Centre cheering for Penny. I remember going to the Suns Vs Magic game in February of 2000. Penny knocked down his first 4 shots then went pretty cold the rest of the game. I could swear everyone in the building was booing Penny. I was told to "Shutup" when I cheered for him, but I didn't care. The only times he was cheered when he got the ball was when Ben Wallace blocked his putback attempt. The Suns had a nice lead going into the 4th, then the Magic rallied and made the game really close. When things were looking bad for the Suns, Penny helped the team with a momentum-changing block on Daryl Armstrong. That pretty much sealed the game for the Suns. Craig Sager, one of TNT's analyst interviewed Penny and Armstrong after the game. When I got to school the next day, my friend and fellow Penny Fan Anthony Galati (I dunno If you're reading this, but If you are, Wud up!) told me that during the interview, Penny was asked, "How'd it feel to block your old teammates shot?" Penny responded, "It was good, but I always use to do it in Practice", after that he gave Daryl a friendly nudge.
Ok, Site News, I will be adding a few things on this main/news page to make it a little more fun. I'll be adding a poll, maybe an interactive news ticker, and a quote of the week/month part. I can't wait for the season to start!

9/11/01 7:42 PM Eastern

Oh my god! An update! Yes, Part 2 Heaven Cent! I'm sorry I sorta abandoned the site, but I'm back cuz the season's about to start and Penny is coming back stronger than ever. If you guys have been following Penny, you probably heard that he was tearing up the Summer Leagues he was playing in (Nike and Dada among some), and he went to play in the Jordan Camps, to help Jordan whip back into shape. Little did Jordan know that Penny was gunna steal the show and be the talk of his camp. An NBA player who requested anonymity released a statement saying "I thought that Penny was the best player on the floor." Penny was on the court with players such as Tim Hardaway, Michael Finley, and of course MJ.
Things are looking promising for Penny and the Suns. If you are someone who hasn't been following the Suns, then you will be intrigued to hear that the Suns acquired Stephon Marbury to teamup with Penny in the backcourt. The 1-2-3 combination of Penny, Marbury and Marion will be very dynamic, and tough to stop. If anyone would like to debate this, you can hit up the Rising Sun: Penny 4 MVP Message Board and post their thoughts on anything NBA related. Come on Penny/Suns fans! Keep the hits coming! I'm trying to make this site a great resource for all NBA fans.
I updated a few things today. I worked on the Penny Gallery, where you can look at some pictures from Penny's career. I also updated the Penny Multimedia section. This is where you can find game clips of Penny. Wallpaper to put on your desktop is coming soon. I worked on the Multimedia section for like 3 days and I'd like to thank my girlfriend Simone for being patient while I worked on it. Talking and working is a tough thing to do. You'll have all my attention tommorrow at work Sim1. I love you! =). I'll get working on the About Me Section so you guys can know more about me and my beautiful Sim1. Umm.... I'll keep a hitcounter on it to see who cares about it =) haha

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Penny Quote of the Week

"All I have to do is go back out there and produce again. Once you produce and show the numbers then they're going to respect you again. That's all I have to do. It's as easy as that."

- Penny on gaining back the fan's respect

Quote on Penny

"The two biggest surprises to me are Penny Hardaway and Derrick Coleman. Penny is Phoenix's second-leading scorer (19.4 points per game) and is running freely and demonstrating his old skills. I thought his career was over because of his knee injury."

- NBA Analyst Dr. Jack Ramsey talking of this years biggest surprises.

NBA Quote of the Week

"I don't know if I could ride to the rescue, but I don't want to leave him out there by himself. I know that he feels like he's by himself right now. I feel like I'm one of the true friends he has."

- Charles Barkley on considering joining the Wizards to help his friend Michael Jordan.