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  • WTF! Anyone know a team that the Heat can beat? How do you lose to the Bulls?! There team has 2 players out there that are as old as me! They got players like Oakley who are twice as old as me!
  • LOL! Anyone see that ball boy running away from Jacque Vaughn?
  • Congratulations to Scott Skiles for winning his 100th game as a Phoenix Sun coach!
  • OMG! Magic Suck! Oh guess what, Grant Hill didn't play against Boston. I don't wanna hate, I mean Grant Hill was once my second favorite player but when you say you're out for the season due to a foot problem (last year) and show up at Universal Studios the next day walking down stairs, there's something to say about his toughness.


  • Yes! Suns 104, Bucks 84! Can't get any better for the Suns! Anyone notice how the Bucks had a similar game against the Lakers? It was pretty much the same except The Bucks had 85 points. Against the Lakers, Ray Allen Scored 13 points on 6-14 shooting. Against the Suns he had 13 points on 6-15 shooting. Guess the Bucks go in whatever direction Ray Allen goes.
  • Yesterday, Allen Iverson had a horrible game scoring 40 points with 9 turnovers. Anytime you can say someone had 40 points and a bad game pretty much says a lot on what people expect from this guy.
  • Although Michael Jordan had 30 points yesterday against Iverson's Sixers in the win, don't expect too much from him later in the year. He's averaging about 38 minutes a game and I don't think he can hold up for 65 more games.
  • I think we have a new "Big 3" in the NBA with Marbury, Hardaway and Marion upstaging the Buck's Sam Cassell, Ray Allen and Glenn Robinson. The Sun's Trio accounted for 62 points, 23 rebounds and 18 assists compared to the Buck's 34 points, four rebounds and eight assists. The Buck's "Big 3's" rebounds and assists weren't even good enough for double digits! My English teacher always told me to put single digits in words. Hi Mrs. Scurro! =P
  • LOL! PJ Brown had 20 Rebounds for the Hornets in there 104-96 victory against the Pistons. So you're asking what's so funny? The whole Pistons team only had 18 rebounds! Yes, that's an NBA record for the fewest rebounds in a game. It's actually kinda scary though. If the Pistons can get outrebounded by 1 person and only lose by 8, they look pretty promising.